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Klinische Vorteile des IQM Systems

Tuesday, 11, April , 2017 by

Das IQM System ist vollständig in den klinischen Ablauf einer modernen Strahlentherapie integrierbar. Es ist das weltweit erste Verifikationssystem, welches die Bestrahlungsgenauigkeit bereits während der Patientenbehandlung in Echtzeit überprüfen kann. Das patentierte Detektordesign des IQM Systems misst die Bestrahlungsdosis mit bisher unerreichter Genauigkeit und stellt somit absolut sicher, dass der Patient genau die Bestrahlungsdosis erhält,

1st IQM user meeting in Turin

Wednesday, 08, June , 2016 by

During the ESTRO in Turin we organized the 1st IQM user meeting. Research partners from 8 different Radiation Therapy centers got together to exchange on their current experience with the IQM and to get to know each other. The new functionality of the upcoming IQM release was introduced and further research topics were discussed. We are looking forward

First IQM System for Japan

Friday, 19, February , 2016 by

Getting ready to ship the first IQM System to Japan.

Our research partners at the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana wearing the “Imagine… The IQM Beta-Test Tour” T-Shirts. The T-Shirts were supplied to all of our IQM research partners as a souvenir. The entire team coordinated their dress code to send us these photos – thank you very much for making this happen!

Interesting video that shows a VMAT prostate treatment from a patients point of view. Jerry G, who published this video on YouTube wrote: Point of View Video of a Radiation Treatment Session for Prostate Cancer. This was recorded during one of 44 treatment sessions. All of them were pretty much like this one. There is


Friday, 17, October , 2014 by

… online plan verification during patient treatment.

Spectacular views of Koblenz

Monday, 15, September , 2014 by

The AAPM 2014 Annual Meeting took place at the Convention Center in Austin, TX. The AAPM Annual Meeting features the largest technical exhibition in the Radiotherapy Industry together with the ASTRO and the ESTRO Annual meeting . iRT Systems was represented by Jürgen Oellig, who participated at the Technical Exhibition as a guest of Multidata Systems International

The following article contains the same information as the video above. Our previous presentations outlined the increasing complexity of modern treatment techniques and listed the verification tools currently available to manage these modern treatment approaches. Our last presentation highlighted the following shortcomings of current verification techniques: Pre-Treatment Plan Verification requires many staff and machine hours,

What an exceptional performance!!!