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Waterphantom “recycling”

Monday, 21, October , 2013 by

A very creative way of utilizing an outdated waterphantom…

One of a kind! A guide to Radiotherapy…

Monday, 14, October , 2013 by

When preparing for the next newsletter I found this wonderful video on YouTube. It is called “One of a kind! A guide to Radiotherapy…” and it gives a very unique insight into our field. The intention of the creators of this video was to support RT professionals in preparing children and their families for radiotherapy

ASTRO 2013 Impressions

Saturday, 28, September , 2013 by

ASTRO’s Annual Meeting is the premier radiation oncology scientific event in the world and draws more than 11,000 attendees each year. The Annual Meeting 2013 took place at the Georgia World Congress in Atlanta, Georgia. This years focus was patient-centered care and the importance of the physician’s role in helping with patient reported outcomes and

Thank you DGMP! Thank you Cologne!

Saturday, 21, September , 2013 by

As a German you have a number of fixed holidays every year. Days like Easter, Christmas, Pentecost, the day of the German Reunion, etc. are days that are marked in everyones calendar.For the last 20 years the DGMP congress is one of those fixed dates in my calendar. Being hosted in a different German city

Get into the ASTRO groove…

Tuesday, 10, September , 2013 by

When setting up the Events page for the ASTRO conference in Atlanta I had this song in my head the whole time. The unbelievable Ray Charles singing “Georgia on my mind”. This is a live version from 1976 – many thanks to Andranik Azizbekyan for uploading this song on YouTube. This song can also be

iKnife – Intelligent knife detects cancer

Monday, 09, September , 2013 by

BBC News issued an interesting report about an “intelligent” knife that can sniff out tumours to improve cancer surgery.This should help to overcome the dangerous and common problem of leaving bits of the tumour in a patient, which can then regrow.Early results, in the journal Science Translational Medicine, showed the “iKnife” could accurately identify cancerous

An interesting black&white movie (probably from the 1950’s) explaning how a Linear Accelerator works… Thanks to JacBille for posting this on YouTube. You can watch this movie on YouTube under

Cologne in motion

Sunday, 14, July , 2013 by

When putting together the Events webpage I was looking for a Video about Cologne. I found an awesome video called cologne in motion. Timelapse Köln Click on the Video above…   produced by Axxus Media. Excellent work – check out their webpage:  

AAPM President John Hazle, Ph.D., discusses trends in medical physics and major initiatives that the association is addressing in 2014 with Imaging Technology News Editorial Director Melinda Taschetta-Millane. I had the pleasure to meet John earlier this year in Maastricht and had an interesting conversation with him… click on the Video above

How a Linear Accelerator works…

Sunday, 14, July , 2013 by

This is an exceptionally good explanation on how a Linear Accelerator works – a must see! You can also see this video on Youtube: For further explanation please visit