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Lake Constance Radiation Oncology Center in Singen-Friedrichshafen

The Lake Constance Radiation Oncology Center in Singen-Friedrichshafen is a certified radio-oncological center as well as an Elekta European Reference Site.

At its two locations, in Singen and Friedrichshafen, the private clinic offers perfectly matched state-of-the-art therapy devices.

All cancer treatments utilize highly complex volumetric modulated arc therapy. The clinical staff is deeply committed to implementing the optimal medical and technological approach for each individual patient.

In September 2015 the pre-clinical IQM prototype was installed at the clinic in Friedrichshafen. The installation, configuration and training was done in the late afternoons/evenings with Marlies Pasler, medical physicist, during routine clinical operation. The training was concluded by monitoring three different VMAT cases that were created for clinical application during these two days. Holger Wirtz, Head of the Medical Physics Group stated “IQM will allow us to further optimize the efficiency of our treatment workflow, especially our verification processes.” The clinic plans to implement Online Adaptive Radiotherapy in the coming months. “We think that the fully automated real-time verification approach of the IQM system helps us implementing Online Adaptive Radiotherapy in our clinical routine and will follow the EU-directive 2013/59/Euratom (art. 63,b)” stated Holger Wirtz.

Contact the Lake Constance Radiation Oncology Centre

Location Singen (main premises)
Dr. Susanne Bartelt, MD
Dr. Stephan Hennings, MD
Prof. Dr. Johannes Lutterbach, MD
Virchowstraße 10b
D-78224 Singen/Hohentwiel
Telephone reception desk: +49 7731 797 68-0
Fax reception desk: +49 7731 797 68-13

Location Friedrichshafen (secondary premises as of Sept. 1, 2009)
Dr. Mari Björnsgard, MD
Dr. Ursula Reichmann, MD
Röntgenstraße 12
D-88048 Friedrichshafen
Telephone reception desk: +49 7541 603 37-0
Fax reception desk: +49 7541 603 37-13

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