Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Session - a Patient's Point of View

Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Session – a Patient’s Point of View

by / Thursday, 26 February 2015 / Published in iRT Blog

Interesting video that shows a VMAT prostate treatment from a patients point of view.
Jerry G, who published this video on YouTube wrote: Point of View Video of a Radiation Treatment Session for Prostate Cancer. This was recorded during one of 44 treatment sessions. All of them were pretty much like this one. There is no physical sensation during these, except the “couch” is hard with little padding, and afterward I always felt a little dizzy and tired.

Dealing with Radiotherapy from a medical device supplier point-of-view has a completely different perspective and I think that it is very important reminder to see how the result of the complex Radiotherapy process looks from the patients perspective.

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