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Support considerations

1st & 2nd Level Support is provided by iRT Systems

1st Level Support is also provided by our Sales & Service Partners

2nd Level Support is also provided by our Industrial Partners as well as by our Research Partners

Up to 15 Product Support Specialists can get involved with any given support request!
Advantages of the iCare! Support Plan

Stay up-to-date

  • included

  • in your

  • iCare! plan

Up to two Software Updates per year

Access our online support library

Preferred Helpdesk Support

Preferred Service Access

Comprehensive Technical Service

Upgrade discounts

Investment protection

  • included

  • in your

  • iCare! plan

On Site Maintenance Visit

Increased life cycle

Minimized downtime

Hardware repair

Component exchange

Loaner device during repair

Knowledge transfer

  • included

  • in your

  • iCare! plan

Training Course participation

Workshop attendance

Access to Online Library

On Site Software Update

On Site Training

improving patient safety