Our story

We founded iRT Systems in 2012 to introduce the first real-time verification system into the Radiation Therapy market. Today, IQM is the most powerful verification system available on the market. Patient treatment has never been safer. Treatment verification has never been easier.

Clinical physicists at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre started developing the IQM concept in 2002. Founded in 2012 iRT Systems converted their concept into a medical device. In April 2014 we installed the first IQM prototype at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center for pre-clinical evaluation. In the following months we installed IQM systems at 19 other clinical research partners all over the world. IQM has been thoroughly evaluated by some of world’s leading Radiation Therapy Centers.

iRT Systems is an ISO 13485-certified medical device manufacturer. Every aspect of our product development processes is guided by risk management, usability and integration considerations. IQM is a CE-certified medical device and has received FDA 510(k) and Health Canada approval.

IQM completely integrates machine, plan and treatment fraction quality assurance tasks into the existing treatment planning and delivery process, so that our users can dedicate their time and resources to providing the best possible care for their patients. IQM combines highest verification accuracy with unrivaled data reproducibility. IQM detects every clinically relevant deviation. Every time.

Accuracy that you can rely on. Treatment verification that you can trust.

In 2017, IQM was awarded the Innovation Award Rheinland-Pfalz.

IQM can be used for every photon treatment technique supported by your linear accelerator. No need for dedicated QA tools for specific tasks. IQM is one device for all dosimetric QA tasks. And best of all: IQM works fully automatically in the background without any user interaction. IQM does not interfere with the clinical workflow. Our users can focus more time and resources on those tasks that make a difference for their cancer patients, while IQM takes care of their routine quality assurance duties. IQM systemizes and standardizes clinical quality assurance allowing our users to provide the consistently high treatment quality that their patients deserve.

In April 2019 Elekta became a minority shareholder of iRT Systems.

The story continues…

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IQM defines the next generation of QA in Radiation Therapy.
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The people behind iRT

Juergen Oellig
Managing Director

Thesi Roestel
Regulatory Affairs

Andreas Wischek
Product Specialist

Marilena Simon
Business Management

Catherine Hamlin
QM and Product Management

Graham Wilson
Software Development

William Roestel
Account Manager North America

Behdad Zoghi
Product Specialist

Kilian Michel
Product Management

Ariane Tischer
QM and Product Management

Pawel Myszor

Daniel Kessel
Software Development

Hanna Messing
Product Specialist

Johannes Porzig
Product Specialist

Atique Baig
QM and Product Management

Dustin Cohen
In memoriam

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