The future of Radiation Therapy Verification is here

2 minutes

Automated reference calculation with independent algorithm

Every 200ms

High resolution data acquisition. Air-Kerma corrected


Real-time plan verification at every control point
Separate Data Stream

Independent QA

The IQM detector independently measures a segment dose fluence at every control point and verifies it against the IQM reference signal. In real-time. The IQM reference signal is calculated from the imported treatment plan with a dedicated IQM calculation algorithm.

Real-time verification

During the patient treatment. When it really matters.

Unrivaled accuracy

For even the most complex treatment techniques.

Completely integrated

Automated background monitoring. Without any user interaction.

Improved efficiency

Seamlessly integrated

IQM verifies the accuracy of the treatment delivery in real-time during the patient treatment. As a completely automated background process. IQM is the first system that makes verification an integral part of the treatment planning and delivery process.
Unmatched versatility

For every QA task

IQM is the most versatile verification system available on the market. Fully automated workflow for Fraction QA, Plan QA and Machine QA. Seamlessly integrated. With unrivaled accuracy.


Fraction QA with IQM

Online beam monitoring in real-time for a new level of patient safety.

Plan QA with IQM

Highest verification accuracy. Effortless. Faster than ever before.

Machine QA with IQM

IQM opens a new dimension in Machine QA. Fast. Efficient. Effortless.
> 0 %

Short-term signal reproducibility

> 0 %

Long-term signal reproducibility

R2 = 1.0

Signal is proportional to dose


Signal is dose-rate independent
Unrivaled accuracy

A true innovation

IQM combines the signal stability and reproducibility of a large ionization chamber with the spatial accuracy and sensitivity of film.

100 hours TPS time
IQM uses the actual patient plan. No verification plan needed.
100 hours Linac time
No setup time. No calibration. No time for alignment. No system preparation.
100 hours staff time
Treatment verification in real-time. No post processing or analysis.
Automated workflow

Significant time savings

The first fully automated end-to-end verification process. No user interaction required. No additional workload. As soon as the beam is delivered, the verification is done. IQM saves time and clinical resources at every step of the QA process.

IQM Technology


Ion chamber volume

Active Size
26.5cm x 26.5cm

Minimal / Maximum Field Size:
Unlimited to 40cm x 40cm

Detector Resolution
Continuous spatial resolution

Energy range
Photon energies from 1MV to unlimited (including FFF)

Dynamic range
Between 50 counts / minute and 5.000.000 counts / minute

Air Kerma correction
Built-in Thermometer and Barometer

Inclinometer (built-in)
Inclinometer resolution: 0.1°
Gantry / collimator angle resolution: 1°

4 Lithium-Ion batteries (medical device certified)
Battery life: >24 hours

45cm x 35cm x 3.5cm
(17.7” x 13.8” x 1.37”)

Weight (incl. battery)
4.3kg (9.48lb)

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