Publication Category: Beam Attenuation

Plan QA with IQM (German)

Author: Sonja Wegener, et al, Unversity Clinic Wurzburg (Germany) Summary: Clinical experience using IQM for VMAT Plan QA.

Influence of the IQM on high energy photon beam: A multi-centre study

Author: Bozidar Casar, et al, Multi-centre study of 9 RT departments Summary: This article discusses the influence of the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) transmission detector on photon beam properties. The authors evaluated the change of beam quality (beam hardening), surface dose and the beam attenuation of the IQM detector.

Verifying TBI with IQM

Author: Gabriele Guidi, et al, University Hospital of Modena (Italy) Summary: Evaluation of IQM for the verification of TBI treatments. They investigated the influence of the IQM Detector on depth dose curves and beam profiles for an extended SSD of 170cm. The presentation outlines the considerations that should be applied when utilizing IQM for TBI …

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Characterization and evaluation of the IQM System

Author: David Hoffman, UC Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento (USA) Summary: This article outlines a comprehensive evaluation of the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) that took place at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center throughout the year 2015.

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