Publication Category: Signal reproducibility

Reproducibility and sensitivity of IQM

Author: Chiara Arilli, et al, University of Florence, AOU Careggi, Florence (Italy) Summary: The authors evaluated the output signal reproducibility and sensitivity in detecting small errors in delivery parameters of IMRT step and shoot treatments using the IQM System as well as the correlation between IQM signal variations and 3Dγ, 2Dγ and DVH parameters.

Characterization and evaluation of the IQM System

Author: David Hoffman, UC Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento (USA) Summary: This article outlines a comprehensive evaluation of the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) that took place at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center throughout the year 2015.

In vivo dosimetry of conventional and rotational IMRT

Author: Lan Lin, et al, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (USA) Summary: Evaluation of the accuracy, sensitivity (picket-fence test) and constancy of the IQM for conventional intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and rotational volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT).

Response characteristics of the IQM

Author: Makan Farrokhkish, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto (Canada) Summary: Evaluation of the intrinsic and effective spatial sensitivity, response as a function of field size, beam energy and dose rates

Initial evaluation of the IQM

Author: Bruce Perrin, et al, Christie Hospital, Manchester (UK) Summary: The authors validated the effectiveness and reliability of the IQM to monitor the correct delivery of daily fractions.

Pre-clinical test of the IQM System

Author: Stefania Pallotta, AOU Careggi, Florence (Italy) Summary: The author states that IQM provides an optimal performance for IMRT QA. Intra-fractional %STD of 0.04% and inter-fractional %STD of up to 0.36% for complex IMRT cases over a period of multiple weeks are the results of this study.

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