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Combined use of IQM and an EPID-Based In Vivo Dose Monitoring System

Author: Cinzia Talamonti, et al, University of Florence (Italy) Summary: Evaluation of the combined use of the IQM system and SoftDiso portal dosimetry software, for in vivo dose monitoring by simultaneous detection of delivery and patient setup errors in whole breast irradiation. The combined use of the IQM and SoftDiso allows for fast identification of …

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Evaluation of the signal response with the EPID and the IQM for SBRT QA

Author: Adam Harpley, et al, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville (USA) Summary: The clinical physics group introduced a variety of clinically significant treatment delivery errors into 8 retrospective SBRT plans and compared the error sensitivity of IQM to their Varian Portal Dosimetry system.

IMRT Plan QA with IQM

Author: Sonja Wegener, et al, Unversity Clinic Wurzburg (Germany) Summary: Evaluation of the IQM System for IMRT plan QA. The IQM Calculation algorithm has been validated for a wide spectrum of clinical IMRT cases. The error sensitivity of the IQM System has been tested with a variety of induced errors. The error detection capability of …

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Characterization and evaluation of the IQM System

Author: David Hoffman, UC Comprehensive Cancer Center, Sacramento (USA) Summary: This article outlines a comprehensive evaluation of the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) that took place at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center throughout the year 2015.

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