Testimonial Category: Time Savings

Stefan Pieck, Administrative Director

“IQM enables us to treat more patients with state-of-the-art radiation therapy as well as to constantly improve our portfolio of safety measures.”

Dr. Roland Merten, Radiation Oncologist

“Congratulations to our colleagues at CDT-West. IQM works extremely well, safes a lot of time and significantly simplified our VMAT QA. We should have gotten it a lot sooner.”

Holger Wirtz, Head of Medical Physics

“IQM is a key component of our automated treatment quality control and allows us to fully comply with the requirements defined in the 2013/59/EURATOM directive.”

Christian Heddier, Head of Medical Physics

“We are really impressed by the simple setup and the automated workflow of the IQM system, which doesn’t require any user interaction. The system offers great potential to automate our machine QA for better and faster results.”

Julia Menzel, Medical Physicist

“The entire IQM workflow is extremely well designed and efficient. We are experiencing significant time savings compared to our previous VMAT QA process.”

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